Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Raspberry Pi Part 2.5

Well now that I have gotten back to this, It's been interesting this past week.  New toys have arrived, including; an Expansion Board for the Pi, a SSD (aka Solid State Drive) that uses micro SD Cards for storage. a BeagleBone Black and some 1/2 sized SD Card micro SD card carrier.  As I start to incorporate these gizmos into our projects, I should be able to evaluate and give reviews and recommendations.  (please note I said "I should", If I don't or seem wishy washy about it call me on the carpet to at least give my opinion on it.)

Item picture
The BeagleBone Black
Geekroo Case with expansion

Item picture
Multifunction Expansion Board
Item picture
4 Micro SD to Micro SATA Adapter RAID 0 quad TF card

OK then lets get back to our creating a Pi to do our digital comms.

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